Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prototype Pic of the Day #11

DM Alco C425 #381 | Image courtesy of Garland McKee (alcostalker) via Flickr
I've been way to busy lately to work on any of my modeling projects, so its time for another prototype pic. Today's picture is another Detroit & Mackinac shot from Garland McKee. It shows #381 switching the railroad ferry Chief Wawatam at Mackinaw City, MI. The Chief was used to transport rail cars between Mackinaw City and St. Ignace, Michigan since there was no rail connection along the Mackinac Bridge. The Chief operated from 1911 to 1984.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Track Painting and Ballast Update

I was finally able to lay down the rest of the track for my second trial piece for ballasting and painting. All I had to do was make about a 1 inch long piece that would extend from the end of the switch. I did this by cutting off part of a curved piece of track. Here's what it looked like before that small piece was added. 

A look at my second trial piece of track before adding the last small piece.
After adding that small piece, I glued it down in place with some gorilla glue, which definitely gives you a good hold for something like this. The next step was to finish ballasting the track. I used a medium grey blend ballast from Woodland Scenics this time around and I have to say it looks much better than the mixture I tried last time. Here is what it looked like after I was finished applying the ballast and gluing it in place.

A look at the track with all the ballast in place.
Now that I've tried out the grey blend ballast and have seen it used and recommended by a lot people on the internet, I think this will be what I end up using for my office shelf layout project. The next thing is finalizing what I want to do for painting the rails and ties. I think the rust color on the rails looks good, but may be a bit on the bright side, so I either need to play with darkening it up or going with a new paint altogether. If any one has suggestions or could share what they use I would really appreciate it.