Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Workbench in the Train Cave

As I mentioned in my very first post on here, I am working out of my basement in what we are calling the man cave, or as I've been calling it lately, the train cave. In reality, it is just a corner of our basement that I decided to take over as my own when we moved in. This space is home to all of my hockey cards and memorabilia as well as my train stuff. 

Back when I was working on my nursery wall layout project, I built a simple work table with a piece of plywood resting on top of two plastic saw horses. That worked for a while, but just wasn't all that appealing to me. The surface of the plywood was rough and covered in newspaper. Since I happened to have a good amount of pine board sitting around, I decided last weekend to finally cut it up and piece together a quick shelf to put up on top of the saw horses. I may build some legs and storage areas onto the bottom eventually, but plan to keep it as is for now.

A look at my newly built work space in the train cave. 
This new work space has already gotten me more motivated to work on several projects that have been sitting idle for a while. It gives me some more space to work, a nice clean and smooth surface to work on, and more importantly a place to store more supplies and tools. The best part is that I made it myself and didn't just buy it off the shelf and assemble it. 

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