Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nursery Wall Layout Update: More Progress

Since my last post I've gotten a bit more done as far as the foundation of this layout. I've gotten to the point where all I have to do is finish up some of the scenery details. The grass mat has been glued down, the track and cork roadbed are nailed in place, and the lower trim piece has been installed. What that really leaves is the upper trim piece, finishing the two mountain sections and a few finishing touches on the houses and church. 

Here is a look at the basic structure of the layout so far:

A Look at the Layout with the Track and Roadbed in Place
It doesn't look like much yet, but things are definitely coming together. Aside from the "bench work" for this one, the most involved project has been sculpting the mountains from foam for either end of the layout. This is something I've never done, so it's definitely been a learning experience. Here is a look at how the mountain for the right side of the layout has come together. 

Rough Cut Foam for the Right Side Hill/Mountain
Detail Cut Foam Shown Before Gluing
Glued Detail Cut Foam During the Paper Mache Process
After a Layer of Brown Paint and Woodland Scenics Fine Turf
Not a bad look overall if you ask me. I may go in and do some touch-ups on the grass in a few of the lighter areas, otherwise I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I will say the paper mache part of this process worked out great. Originally we were worried that the foam would want to absorb the paint, so we deiced to go with a simple homemade paper mache mix of water and flour. 

Right now I am waiting on the glue to set for the cut sections of the left side hill/mountain. I will try to get some in-process pictures of that one too. Once that one is done, I need to finalize a few other little things and then we are in the home stretch. 

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