Monday, October 28, 2013

New Locomotives and Rolling Stock: A Bunch of Free Stuff from My Dad's Basement

Well, I finally got my first locomotives and pieces of rolling stock since deciding to get back into model railroading just a few months ago. I was at my parents house the other day and my dad had come across some of his old HO stuff in the basement and said I could have it. Gotta love free stuff, right? 

Here's a look at all the stuff together:

Locomotives and Rolling Stock from My Dad's Basement

Of the eight locomotives on the top, all but one are powered. The UP switcher closest to the right is actually a dummy model. I don't know yet if they all work, but most appear to be in pretty good shape. The UP furthest to the left is probably the worst of the bunch with one of the trucks completely hanging off the bottom and most of the handrails broken in some way.

The Athearn blue boxes in the lower left are for the three UP units on the right and there was one empty box full of random parts. The other two boxes were a for one Mantua flat car and a Cox Ontario Northland locomotive that's looks like it had never been used. The one Bachmann box is for the Tootsie Roll boxcar shown in the upper right corner.

So all together not a bad haul. Some of these may or may not end up on my layout whenever I get to building it. The other idea I has was to use some of these to practice painting and decals.

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