Thursday, September 10, 2015

Basement Layout: Benchwork Update

Being on vacation from work this week has allowed me to spend some extra time on this project and I've made some pretty decent progress on the benchwork now. I have all of the OSB in place and just need to add some additional supports underneath then the legs and I should be all set. Here are some progress pictures.

Finished attaching the 1x3 cross members.
Adding the first of six pieces of OSB. I went with 7/16 thick since it was the cheap.
Finished adding the six OSB sheets.
A look at the underside of the table.
A look at where I plan to attach the four legs to the underside.
I am hoping this setup for the legs will be enough to support the weight of the table. It is actually fairly heavy now that its assembled. I may end up having to add a third set of legs in the center just in case. I'd rather over engineer it at this point than deal with sag issues down the road.


  1. Are you also using 1x3s for the legs? I'm also assuming it's pine, I've never used a 1x for legs but have put pretty considerable weight on 2x4 legs like you have picture (the L formation). I might double up on the 1x3's or switch to 2x4s depending on what's available based on my experience with pine 1x's warping over longer unsupported runs.

  2. I'm using 1x4's screwed together into the L-shape for the legs and yes it is pine.