Saturday, October 10, 2015

Basement Layout: Making Progress

I've been trying to get as much work in as I can on the layout the past few weekends and have made some good progress since my last post. I now have the benchwork completed and a layer of blue foam cut and glued in place on top of the plywood. My next step will be painting the foam an earthy color to help hide the blue when I go to do the scenery. After that it will be time to start laying some track so I can run some trains for fun.

The finished benchwork with added supports. This thing is sturdy as a rock.
Top layer of foam added. Now I can think about laying some track.
I also just bought my first DCC starter system, so I will hopefully have that to play with in the next week or so. I have never actually used a DCC system before, so this should be interesting. The last train I ran was on my old layout as a kid probably 15 years ago, and that was straight DC. Now I can't wait to get started.

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