Friday, February 7, 2014

More Progress Repainting the SD40-2

After clearing some space in the basement, I was able to find some time to get back at repainting my Soo Line SD40-2 as part of my new side project. Right now I am just trying out the airbrush and chose the yellow because it was the brightest and boldest of the colors that came with the kit. I may or may not keep this color, it all depends on how I think it looks when I'm done with it. So far it's looking like I will have to change things up, you'll see what I mean.

Here are some pictures of where I am at now:

A look at the SD-40 after several coats of paint from the airbrush.
A look at the right side after removing the blue painters tape.
A look at the left side after removing the tape.
A closeup look at the seam left by the painters tape.
That last pictures is what I was referring to. There is a pretty nasty looking transition from the new paint to the old and I'm not sure how to fix it right now. I may just leave it for now and move onto the next color and see what happens. 

Right now I have blue, red, orange, and black to pick from until I decide to go out and get any other colors from Hobby Lobby. I think something with the red and/or orange with some black added to it would look great. I'll have to work up some ideas for how I want the overall paint scheme to look. 

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