Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Office Shelf Layout: Making Progress

In addition to messing around with removing paint from models lately, I've slowly been making progress on my office shelf layout. As of my last post about the project, I had completed the basic structure of the layout by fastening together two pieces of pre-made shelving from Rubbermaid. 

Now I've moved onto the next steps and have gotten the blue sky background painted. Below is a picture of how it looks now. I am thinking of sticking with the plain blue just to keep it simple, but have been on the lookout for any backdrop ideas that would work with the theme I'm going for. 

A look at the paint drying on the blue sky background for my shelf layout.
The next step is going to be getting some more grass mat and tacking that down to the base board. What I don't know is what I will use to fasten it down. On the nursery wall layout I used Loctite spray adhesive, which seemed to work at first, but eventually started coming up over time. I'm thinking of just using regular hot glue, but we'll see, maybe there is something better out there. 

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